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Dr. Hanna Rhee Has The Experience of Handling Patients EffectivelyDr. Hanna Rhee Has The Experience of Handling Patients Effectively

Dr. Hanna Rhee Has The Experience of Handling Patients Effectively

medical / health job » doctors
USA » California

Dr. Hanna Rhee has been advocating for the elderly as well as the especially able. When visiting practitioners like Dr. Hanna Rhee, one grows bold enough to address the signs, as Dr. Rhee gets associated with the queries by talking with patients at ease. Visit to learn more:

date: 18 Feb 2019 - 18 Feb 2020

therapy lexington kytherapy lexington ky

therapy lexington ky

medical / health job » doctors
USA » Kentucky

Professional staff work with individuals and families to provide counseling for any mental health issue – everything from stress, depression and trauma to bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. We use evidence-based treatment and create a plan to help you achieve your fullest potential and maintain recovery. Treatment is provided in the office location nearest you and clients are seen quickly. To make a referral or get started click here. Types of Services Assessment Our experienced clinicians will meet with you to complete a comprehensive assessment to see what services work best for you. The a...

date: 16 Feb 2019 - 16 Feb 2020

Doctor of ChiropracticDoctor of Chiropractic

Doctor of Chiropractic

medical / health job » doctors
USA » Washington » Spokane

Team of Fully Trained Spinal Care Specialists NOW Offering Motion Study X-Ray Analysis to find and relieve the Root Cause of Your Pain!

date: 06 Feb 2019 - 06 Feb 2020

Asistenti Medicali Germania StrainatateAsistenti Medicali Germania Strainatate

Asistenti Medicali Germania Strainatate

medical / health job » nurses
Romania » Bucharest

Posturile de asistenti medicali Germania strainatate sunt in centre de ingrijire, spitale si clinici private din majoritatea oraselor ale Germaniei.MedialJob recruteaza Asistenti Medicali Germania Fara Experienta, Asistenti Medicali Fara Limba Germana. Pentru asistenti medicali germania strainatate care nu cunosc limba germana se organizeaza cursuri de limba germana gratuite pentru asistenti medicali pe 2 module. Primul modul este pana la dobandirea cunostintelor de limba germana nivel A2, iar al 2 lea modul este pana la dobandirea cunostintelor la nivel B2. Cursurile sunt absolut gratuite...

date: 05 Feb 2019 - 05 Feb 2020

Pain Down the LegPain Down the Leg

Pain Down the Leg

medical / health job » nurses
USA » Florida » Fernandina Beach

Dr. Brett Moss is the leading top Chiropractor in Inverness Florida specializing in Sciatic Pain, Whiplash Treatment, Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches. Moss Chiropractic offers state of the art Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy, Motion Study X-Ray, In Depth X-Ray Analysis and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy to find and correct the root cause of your pain and discomfort.

date: 02 Feb 2019 - 02 Feb 2020