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books » literature / fiction

Bados had his eyes on a higher position in his company. He had all the qualifications that were needed to get a director position. He worked tirelessly to impress his boss because he wanted the promotion. The salary that he received covered all his expenses. He was able to save a large sum of money each month, but he did not consider it to be enough. He wanted more. He was never satisfied with the amount of money that he has. He always wanted more. In Paperback and Kindle Edition.

date: 11 Dec 2019 - 11 Dec 2020

This Incredible Creation Called WomanThis Incredible Creation Called Woman

This Incredible Creation Called Woman

books » arts / photography

The book is about the human female. From the time of her creation to today's modern woman. How far women have come and where they are going. We talk about the pride of women, the corporate woman, the health status of women, the role of women and women's empowerment. We also talk about rules to a classy woman. Women in politics today, the #meTo movement and famous women in history.This book is an inspirational/motivational,self-help handbook for women of all ages. Great read for everyone.Available here

date: 10 Dec 2019 - 10 Dec 2020

Jap yoga an art of MeditationJap yoga an art of Meditation

Jap yoga an art of Meditation

books » ebooks

This e-book covers the scientific method and aspects of Jap Yoga which is an art of meditation. In our daily life we have to face so many difficulties and stress; to cope-up with all of these situations Jap Yoga helps a lot. In this book, you will learn how to perform Jap Yoga in a scientific way, how it can be benefited when we practice it day today. With Jap Yoga or mantra chanting you will learn to explore the inner soul and inner peace, this book also shed a light on the importance of Guru in an individual's life and how Guru helps to attain the meditation and how to enlighten the five ele...

date: 09 Dec 2019 - 09 Dec 2020

Today PandaToday Panda

Today Panda

books » kids
Sweden » Alingsas

Today Panda Online biggest shopping store. You can buy many unique products with our Today Panda store. Join our Today Panda family of more than 500,000 happy Customers from around the globe. In Today Panda Store, you can buy- Pets products, Health's products, Unique Kitchen accessories, High Demand unique products.

date: 09 Dec 2019 - 09 Dec 2020

Naval Dockyard Vizag Trade Apprentice Previous Papers Old Papers PdfNaval Dockyard Vizag Trade Apprentice Previous Papers Old Papers Pdf

Naval Dockyard Vizag Trade Apprentice Previous Papers Old Papers Pdf

books » kids
India » Visakhapatnam

Naval Dockyard Vizag Trade Apprentice Previous Papers PDF. Find Naval Dockyard Trade Apprentice Old Papers, Naval Dockyard Apprentice Syllabus Free Links.

date: 09 Dec 2019 - 09 Dec 2020