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Gardner DenverGardner Denver

Gardner Denver

USA » South Carolina

Sunco's clean lock rotary airlock is designed for applications where cleanliness is a must. It is designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

date: 22 Apr 2019 - 22 Apr 2020

Buy Stackable Steel RacksBuy Stackable Steel Racks

Buy Stackable Steel Racks

China » Hangzhou

Are you looking for some of the best alternatives for storages and stock of products? Do you want to replace old decking systems or racks with new, lightweight and advanced one? You will get the best range of pallet cage, stackable steel racks, and 42x46 wire decking at an affordable price from E-Deck1.Contact Details:HANGZHOU E-DECK LIMITEDAddress: Room 02, Building No.4, Jun Garden, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, ChinaPhone: (+86) 571-8102-2912Cell: (+86) 18358586620Fax:(+86) 571-8102-2913Email: export@e-deck.comWebsite: https://www.e-deck1.c...

date: 22 Apr 2019 - 22 Apr 2020

Air Operated DoubleDiaphragm Pumps (AODD)Air Operated DoubleDiaphragm Pumps (AODD)

Air Operated DoubleDiaphragm Pumps (AODD)

machines » water pumps
India » Hangzhou

Advantages of Air Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps (AODD)Simple to useWe all love simple things which are easy to use, assemble or install. One of the significant selling purposes of AODD pumps are their oversimplified structure and development. AODD pumps don't have any complicated fit, sliding or pivoting parts, which makes installation is minimal. Their ease of use combined with a highly efficient-ability of pumping most resources makes them the pump of choice for most in the industry.Adaptability AODD pumps can run dry without the requirement for oil or costly lubricants. Accord...

date: 20 Apr 2019 - 20 Apr 2020

LIMAC cnc cutting machine for pre insulated duct makingLIMAC cnc cutting machine for pre insulated duct making

LIMAC cnc cutting machine for pre insulated duct making

machines » vacuum cleaners
USA » Hangzhou

LIMAC makes cnc machines for the fabrication of pre-insulated duct, PI duct, PIR duct, PU duct, phenolic foam duct, aluminum foil phenolic composite, fiberglass composite duct, ductwork, ventilation duct, pre insulated rigid polyiso duct, foil faced phenolic board, rigid Polyurethane foam, Polyurethane Insulation, rigid polyisocyanurate panel for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and central air conditioning industry. LIMAC China

date: 20 Apr 2019 - 20 Apr 2020

Reliance Universal Paddle Mixer Reliance Universal Paddle Mixer

Reliance Universal Paddle Mixer

machines » bearings
USA » Hangzhou

The Universal Mixer Vessel houses the shaft and mixing tools. It comes in either a Cylindrical or U-Trough design. Reliance supply the mixer vessel with either a jacketed for a heating or cooling median or can be supplied without jacket. Reliance can also manufacture material out of thicker material in places where the material is highly abrasive. It has similar Reliance Vertical Cooler, with short-radius spun form bottom. This vessel can be jacketed, highly polished, and can be made out of thicker material.

date: 19 Apr 2019 - 19 Apr 2020