Beautiful pets / animals for adoption in Hong Kong. Lovely pets / animals for rehoming. Classifieds for pets / animals seeking lovely home. Sale and buy pets / animals. Beautiful pets / animals of many kinds available for sale, at a very good prices in Hong Kong.

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Beekeepers notebook. Beekeeper Web Note.

Beekeepers notebook. Beekeeper Web Note. video

Beekeeper Note is internet based note for management and controlof your beehives. If you register for free, you can manages your bee-gardens.You can:- create 9 apiaries (bee-gardens)- add 100 beehives per each apiary- you have visual board for every apiary. You can easy view position and bee mother's year forevery beehive. Every Bee year have different color- manage every beehive: beemother, type, honey produce- you have reports section where add produced honey - also and reviews section to save temporary state of beehiv...

amazon parrots amazon parrots

amazon parrots

pets / animals » parrots / canaries
Hong Kong

we are specialized in breeding parrots,chicks and eggs of all types. We also have mutations available. Some of the species include. Just mail us and we will get back to youAfrican Grey parrots MacawScarlet macaw ( Hyacinth,B & G, Noble, Military, Noble Scarlet macaws )CockatoosAmazonEclectus other parrot species our birds come with thier cages and extra parrot food and a documentary on how to feed them we also have parrot eggs for sale and hatchers

date: 12 Sep 2019 - 12 Sep 2020

Pangolin Scale for sale Pangolin Scale for sale

Pangolin Scale for sale

pets / animals » reptiles
Hong Kong

If you are interested to buy elephant ivory,Rhinos horns, Horn-bill Skulls & Pangolin scale please contact us by e-mail: or contact@ivorymart.cfAll communications occur between the buyer and the dealer,

date: 04 Sep 2019 - 05 Sep 2020