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VIP ad quick and easy

VIP ad quick and easy VIP ad quick and easy

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Cutting Wheel Manufacturers Company ToolskitCutting Wheel Manufacturers Company Toolskit

Cutting Wheel Manufacturers Company Toolskit

India » Ahmedabad

Buy cutting wheel and cut-off disc from manufacturer and supplier at best price in India, Top quality product from Norton Abrasives with quality certificate. Reinforced Cut-off wheels are available for the user interested in premium performance on applications like Fabrication. Reinforced wheels with a unique design engineered for free cutting on all kinds of pipes, angles, channels.

date: 06 May 2021 - 06 May 2022

EPS Hot Melting Machine66EPS Hot Melting Machine66

EPS Hot Melting Machine66


Product Name:EPS Hot Melting MachineProduct Description:The EPE EPS Foam Melter Machine which capacity is 100kg/h from. With the 2.2kw crusher and 7.5kw screw motor. The EPS compactor is suitable for the big super market, seafood market. It is also fit for the middle size EPS waste recycling companies to compact the waste material. The customer will...Price:11.00Product Website: DescriptionHANGZHOU ECO MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTDAddress:ZhejiangZhejiangHangzhouHangzhouNo.113, Jincheng Ro...

date: 06 May 2021 - 06 May 2022

Therapy Glove For Stroke89Therapy Glove For Stroke89

Therapy Glove For Stroke89


Product Name:Therapy Glove For StrokeProduct Description:Syrebo? therapy glove for stroke can be used for high muscle tension, palm bending, curling, finger spasm, paralysis, paralysis, etc.It is suitable for patients with hand dysfunction such as hemiplegia after stroke,cerebral infarction, spinal cord injury, peripheral nerve injury of hand, orthopedic surgery, hand burn, children cerebral palsy, etc.Price:24000.00Product Website: DescriptionShanghai Siyi Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd...

date: 06 May 2021 - 06 May 2022

Hydrolyzed Yeast Fodder Additive24Hydrolyzed Yeast Fodder Additive24

Hydrolyzed Yeast Fodder Additive24


Product Name:Hydrolyzed Yeast Fodder AdditiveProduct Description:Hydrolyzed Yeast as fodder additive, is natural and safe, is made from fresh yeast by autolysis, enzymolysis, concentration and drying and is rich in yeast nucleic acid, polypeptide, small peptide, vitamin and yeast immune polysaccharides.For many animals, early life is the most difficult phase. The immune system and intestinal physiology are not yet fully developed – which makes young animals more susceptible to disease. At the same, young animals need to optimally develop and grow. Changes in feed are a burden that often ...

date: 06 May 2021 - 06 May 2022

Yeast Extract Plant Growth Promoter86Yeast Extract Plant Growth Promoter86

Yeast Extract Plant Growth Promoter86


Product Name:Yeast Extract Plant Growth PromoterProduct Description:Yeast extract plant growth promoter is natural and safe in crops, With fresh beer yeast puree as raw material,using high biological activity and comprehensive nutrition. It is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, small molecular organic matter, amino acids, biochemical fulvic acid, active biological enzymes, and chelated state. Medium trace elements, yeast fermented protein and somatotropin-like, absolutely free of chemically synthesized hormones, non-toxic, non-residual and high safety, is the preferred fertilizer for...

date: 06 May 2021 - 06 May 2022