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HSE Audit HSE Audit

HSE Audit

education services
Nigeria » Lagos

Are you looking for corrective actions to meet the highest standards of workplace safety for your employees? Let the professionals of HSE Training International educate you about certified HSE Audit! It is the structured process of assembling unbiased information on the effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability of the total organizational system and figuring out corrective action plans for the betterment of the company! To know more, call us at 0902-080-4232 and talk to our HSE experts! You can also browse our website to get full information!

date: 19 Mar 2020 - 19 Mar 2021

PMP Training PMP Training

PMP Training

education services
Nigeria » Lagos

While looking forward to passing the PMP exam, you may find our PMP training the handy one. Proven strategies, techniques, studying methods and preparation of the exam can really help you to pass the PMP exam with a higher level of confidence. Project management professionals are having a great demand in the business world. These professionals are often hiring to make projects successful. Even when you own a business, you also need this type of certification to make your projects successful. In order to get this certification, you need to pass the PMP exam. This is where our PMP training can c...

date: 18 Mar 2020 - 18 Mar 2021

HSE Courses Online HSE Courses Online

HSE Courses Online

education services
Nigeria » Lagos

Are you looking for certified HSE Courses Online? We, at HSE Training International, know education and training related to health, safety, and environmental management is not always possible to arrange in the office premises! And this is why we bring you the most practical solution for the same – online HSE course! We have both short-term and long-term online courses for all levels of professionals – in all major industries! Simply visit our website and get full information about the online HSE course, its duration, fees, and everything else!

date: 12 Mar 2020 - 12 Mar 2021

PMP certification PMP certification

PMP certification

education services
Nigeria » Lagos

As a project manager, you can craft and follow a better, rewarding and thriving career. To work at this post, you must have the PMP certification. Now the leading institute from Lagos, Nigeria is helping students to get the PMP certification in affordable price.

date: 03 Mar 2020 - 03 Mar 2021

ISO 45001 certification ISO 45001 certification

ISO 45001 certification

education services
Nigeria » Lagos

The ISO 45001 certification we provide is recognized globally. This ISO 45001 certification is going to help you receive the health & safety certificate through ISO 45001 like course. This will also make you more familiar with the safety and health standards that are followed freshly.

date: 20 Feb 2020 - 20 Feb 2021

General HSE General HSE

General HSE

education services
Nigeria » Lagos

Do you wish to work in the construction or mining or oil and gas industry? Well, for this, HSE certification is obligatory! And we, the certified professionals at HSE Training International can train you everything about Health, Safety, and Environment! On completion of this course at our institute, students will be certified as a professional safety officer and will be awarded the General HSE diploma of proficiency. It will give you better career scopes in the oil and gas industry across the world! For more details; browse our website

date: 19 Feb 2020 - 19 Feb 2021

Hse Training For Corpers Hse Training For Corpers

Hse Training For Corpers

education services
Nigeria » Lagos

It is a legal obligation for all organizations and companies to take reasonable and mandatory steps to protect their employees and projects from any kind of occupational accident and illness and we, at HSE Training International; help you doing so through specialized and certified hse training for Corpers! We are a registered and most reputed and trusted oil and gas safety training and consulting services provider in Nigeria! Browse our website to know more about us and our training!

date: 12 Feb 2020 - 12 Feb 2021

PMP Certification Nigeria PMP Certification Nigeria

PMP Certification Nigeria

education services
Nigeria » Lagos

At this venue you are going come across a wide range of training and certification programs among which the PMP certification Nigeria has managed to draw most attention. As the demand for project management professionals is quite high these days, passing the PMP exam can help you develop a thriving career in this field. PMP certification Nigeria is crafted for those who are looking forward to pass the PMP exam with a great level of confidence. After completing the PMP certification Nigeria, you will surely become more confident to attend and pass the PMP exam.

date: 11 Feb 2020 - 11 Feb 2021

HSE Certification HSE Certification

HSE Certification

education services
Nigeria » Lagos

HSE Certification from a leading and authorized organization like HSE Training International will equip you with complete skills and knowledge about the general safety and will certify you as HSE experienced; which eventually will open up more career and job opportunities for you! It will help you understand your responsibilities as an HSE professional and educate you about the hierarchy of controls to eradicate workplace hazards! With better knowledge of HSE, you will also be able to understand and stand in compliance with the company’s Safety Procedures and HSE policies.

date: 29 Jan 2020 - 29 Jan 2021

CBAP Training in Nigeria CBAP Training in Nigeria

CBAP Training in Nigeria

education services
Nigeria » Lagos

Professional and top quality CBAP training in Nigeria is now offered in affordable price. CBAP or certified business analysis professional training can help you achieve the certification that is in demand in the business world. The professional who have the certification for CBAP are also in demand out there. When you have this type of certification, different business sectors pays attention towards you, as business analysis has become very important now for these units. CBAP training in Nigeria is also helpful for those who wish to run and excel their own businesses.

date: 28 Jan 2020 - 28 Jan 2021

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